We deliver mobility and data services for dealerships, following a brand-centric (embedded OEM data access) or aftermarket approach.

Unlock the value of mobility data

Dealerships are at the forefront of the retail technology revolution, confronting traditional distribution challenges with automotive brands, while adapting sales processes to a more demanding, online-centric buyer.

Lower sales of new cars with the shift to rental and leasing lead to large stocks of highly valued used cars. Technology is one of the most important value-enhancing factors for reselling a car. Dealerships also benefit from the technology by increasing customer loyalty for aftermarket services, beyond the mandatory warranty period.

Our value proposition to dealerships guarantees maximum compatibility with automotive brands around the globe, while complying with the strictest standards of cybersecurity and data privacy.

Based on your specific needs, we’ll help you…

Optimize inventory management

by controlling test drives, internal service fleet and location of your new and used stock of cars.

Add value to your offer

by adding advanced telematic services to every unit sold, such as emergency calls, location-based services, in-vehicle WiFi hotspot, entertainment and more.

Enhance your aftermarket service

with preemptive breakdown detection and intelligent routing to your own official repair center, even after the official warranty expires.

Increase transparency

in the second-hand vehicle market, including financing, by keeping records of usage and maintenance history: mileage, significant engine failures and repairs, etc.

Communicate with your customers:

tell them what they need to know, when they need to know it with open APIs to integrate your own backend systems, seamless management of marketing campaigns and online service appointments.

Check our full list of use cases to see which ones may apply to your business model

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