Mobility players

We enable mobility players to build mobility data services.

Unlock the value of mobility data

If you’re creating the next blockbuster mobility app, Net4things is your partner of choice. As a result of our extensive work with mobility players, we have a unique set of valuable assets: a multidisciplinary and experienced team, our own in-house framework for software development and testing, and access to real-time mobility data from our clients.

We speak the language of mobility data and give you secure and consented access to it, whether it comes from our own mobility platform or third parties.

Based on your specific needs, we’ll help you…

Manage end-users’ consent

for the usage of their mobility data.

Segment the specific data and features

you’d like to access.

Build a secure test and production environment

for mobility applications.

Receive first-hand advice on improving the efficiency

of your mobility application for accessing and processing real-time data.

Check our full list of use cases to see which ones may apply to your business model

Send us a message and we’ll contact you to help you design your new mobility or data-driven service.