Public institutions

We deliver mobility data services to public institutions and offer specific business insights (traffic management...) to enhance your core value proposition.

Unlock the value of mobility data

Connected technologies, embedded in vehicles or with aftermarket solutions, add significant value to public institutions, including planning urban mobility and enabling a more sustainable mobility.

Based on your specific needs, we’ll help you…

Increase revenue streams

by charging drivers for the use of the roads they drive on, reducing traffic congestions.

Embrace sustainability

by controlling the perimeter of a low-emission zone (LEZ), measuring the ecological footprint of urban mobility or planning the transition to electric vehicles and the deployment of charging stations.

Process a large amount of data

to make it comprehensible and useful thanks to geofencing and clustering data analytics algorithms. This can help to understand mobility patterns and trends or foresee how the traffic will be in a certain area.

Enhance your data analytics

with actionable insights about your users, such as user profiling, traffic and mobility reports, quality of connectivity services, electrical charging routes, etc.

Check our full list of use cases to see which ones may apply to your business model

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