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NGO ADS has helped us to optimize our fleet management solution

ADS NGO has helped us to optimize our Fleet Management Solution 

ADS has been building water wells in Ethiopia since 2002 providing water to vulnerable communities. Women and girls usually walk more than 20 kms per day to collect water for their families. They can’t go to school or attend to their children at home due to this labor.

Since April, we have been monitoring the fleet that ADS uses to build the water wells in Ethiopia. As part of our collaboration, we provided them with 4 dongles for their fleet (2 cars and 2 trucks), an interface of our Cross-Mobility Platform to manage and control the fleet, and an application to visualize the data. They have given us valuable feedback which has helped us to optimize our fleet management solution.

They highlighted some advantages of the solution:

–     Remote control of their vehicles. Employees from the office in Addis Ababa can locate their vehicles in real time to identify safe roads and trips, sharing this information with embassies. They can also control the kilometres driven any day.  

  • – Driver information and behaviour. They can supervise that the same driver always drives the same truck. As for cars, all the employees can drive them, so the data collected reflects the driving behaviour, but doesn’t specify who the driver is.

Ethiopia is the twentieth-seven most extensive country in the world. The last war and the droughts have increased the rate of criminality, including the rate of stolen vehicles. For that reason, ADS needs to monitor their vehicles as they could be surprised by violet groups when they cross the fields to arrive to their destination. This fleet management solution allows them to create alerts when their vehicles stop outside of a “friendly area (geofence zone)” and access the location at any time from their offices. That guarantees that their employees are safe.

We have also started different pilots to improve our fleet management solution for Spanish SMEs in collaboration with Telefonica. Have a look the article wrote about this project here.