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Movistar Car Protect, a solution to detect possible theft

Today Telefónica has launched Movistar Car Protect, a solution to detect possible theft that allows the user to receive notifications at all times in case of vehicle misuse. In addition, the user can set up alerts when parking the car. With this service, Movistar Car expands its features to ensure the vehicle’s safety.

This service can be contracted through the Movistar Car application and through any Movistar Channel for an additional €1.95/month. Customers will therefore be able to benefit from a very accessible and simple solution to identify possible thefts of the vehicle and recover it quickly thanks to its location for only €4.95/month.

Once the service has been contracted, the user must link their mobile device with the service to start enjoying it.

How does Movistar Car Protect work?

The customer can activate and deactivate the Movistar Car Protect service, a solution to detect possible theft in the Movistar Car app at any time. In addition, they can choose the people that they trust who can use the vehicle, without being alerted thanks to their linked devices via bluetoooth.

Movistar Car app

As soon as the app detects an improper movement of the car, it alerts the main user by means of different notifications to ensure that they are aware of the possible theft: an SMS is sent, an automatic call is made, and a notification is sent in the Movistar Car app. Through the app, the customer can either confirm the alert as a possible theft or cancel it within 2 minutes.

If the alert is confirmed by the user or not cancelled, Movistar Prosegur Alarms will contact the customer to confirm the attempted theft. Then, they will initiate the vehicle recovery protocol with the State Security Forces and Corps, thanks to its location.

The cooperative development of Movistar, Net4things and Movistar Prosegur Alarms

Movistar Car Protect, a solution to detect possible theft has been developed by Movistar together with its technology provider for the connected car, Net4things, and together with Movistar Prosegur Alarms.