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An affordable fleet management for Spanish SME

This is an article published on Blog Think Big by Telefonica which our CRO Fran Rodríguez talks about the affordable fleet management solution for Spanish SMEs. Read here the spanish version.

Agile and flexible logistics

And, at this very moment, logistics for these companies plays an important role. They must respond to new customer demands in an agile, fast and flexible way.

These companies cannot afford to make large investments, they need to save costs, improve productivity and ensure efficient delivery of their products and services.

Pilot with clients

In this context, Net4things, together with Telefónica Tech, are launching a pilot test to offer an affordable fleet management solution for SMEs, leveraging the experience gained in the “Consumer” business with Movistar Car. The pilot has been implemented in a car rental dealer in Catalonia. In a first phase, 10 cars have been connected and work is being done with other clients to scale the project to 300 vehicles.

All the information is centralized on the Net4things’ and Telefónica Tech’s platform, which enables to view the location and state of the vehicle and habits of the driver and control the data. Thus, the fleet manager knows how and where the fleet is at all times.

A solution suitable for any SME

With this pilot we are working to offer an affordable, functional, simple-to-use and easy-to-integrate solution to any company, lowering the barriers of cost and technical knowledge that other solutions have, and allowing companies to better understand how their fleet works, improving efficiency, sustainability and security. Something key, since, according to the latest data shared by the General Directorate of Industry and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises on February 2022, in our country the number of small and medium-sized companies is 2,925,224.

We firmly believe that we can speed up the fleet digitization process of these companies with a solution that makes them more competitive, efficient and strengthens their products.