Unlocking the value of mobility data


Connected technological convergence towards the autonomous vehicle 

We invite you to read the article published by AutoRevista in the March edition about how we collect and process data from connected cars. Download here to read in Spanish or in English.

The world of IoT grows in the vehicle sector with companies such as Net4things 

IoT: from connectivity, data processing and technological mosaic to a more connected vehicle with the perspective of autonomous driving. Net4things, a company with expertise in the field, offers its vision.

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the fields that will gain increasing prominence in the mobility sector in the coming years. The Spanish firm Net4things recently joined as partner the Global Mobility Call event that is taking place from 14 to 16 June in IFEMA Madrid. This initiative has been promoted by IFEMA and Smobhub to position Spain as an international hub for sustainable mobility. In this context, Net4things is well positioned through its IoT, connectivity and data processing solutions to enable companies and users to obtain relevant information in real time from their vehicles, and thereby move towards a safer and more sustainable, productive and efficient mobility.  

Internet of Things, big data, connectivity or cybersecurity are new concepts that will gradually appear in the mobility sector. How does this translate practically? From Net4things they explain to us how their cross-mobility platform works and what it offers: “At Net4things we have a SaaS platform that ingests real time data from any IoT device (trackers, dongles, mobiles, etc that can be placed in cars, bicycles, backpacks, suitcases, people…) or third-party platform, processing and analysing the data to enable companies from different industries (telecommunications, transportation, insurance, finance, infrastructure…) to build, launch and scale a wide range of use cases that can benefit both them and their customers. This allows companies to unlock the value of mobility data, create new business opportunities and contribute to a more sustainable mobility”. 

Thanks to a platform like this, companies or individuals are able to know at all times the status of their vehicles, where they are located, the speed and the route they are taking and the habits of their drivers, among other functionalities. This information can be essential to speed up the work of ambulances and security forces in cases of road collisions. In addition, the Net4things mobility platform offers relevant data to determine the circumstances of the accident: “It offers a crash report that is sometimes requested by the owner of the connected car service or by the State’s security forces. This report can be presented as evidence in legal proceedings as it shows the average speed of the vehicle during the journey, the speed just a few seconds before, at the moment of the impact and right after, the force of acceleration at the moment of the impact, the distance travelled since the last ignition, the driving time in the last hours, as well as an analysis of the reactions of the driver. In addition, the report shows whether the driver exceeded the speed of the road, as this circumstance can be decisive in determining the cause of the accident. All this makes it easier for the agents to verify all the calculations they have to carry out based on the marks that can be seen on the road, as well as the material damage to the car and the injuries suffered by those involved”. This information is now accessible thanks to the connected vehicle. 

Within connected mobility trends, Net4things works side by side with various OEMs to offer products and services to enable a more sustainable mobility. Work is being done to provide solutions for the management of the life cycle of the electric car, in the midst of a wave of climate awareness and taking advantage of the aid provided by the EU and the Spanish government.