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In August, our employees are working remotely

In August, our employees are working remotely!

In August, our employees are working remotely from everywhere! The Net4thingsfamily works full remote!

This month, our employees who traditionally work at the office in Madrid every Thursday, can work from anywhere. After the heatwaves that we suffered in July in Madrid with temperatures as high as 40 degrees, the employees are quite happy to spend this month in the hilly countryside with fresh air, in a small village with their family, or on the beach to have a swim after work.

A company which offers remote work to their employees is valued positively, obtains good feedback, increases their trust, and raises productivity. In addition, this benefit attracts qualified people to join the organization.

Some of our employees have shared with us these photos from different places around Spain.

Lourdes Martínez was in Girona, Spain to visit her family, niece and nephew.
Erika Baqueiro travelled to Cordoba to spend a week with her husband and mother-in-law there.

Hope our employees are having fun these days with their families, chatting with their friends and having a dip in the sea, river, or swimming pool!

See you all in September once a week in the office, as it is also important to have a balance between remote and face-to-face, where the bond between people is strengthened, and innovation boosts as people are more active in sharing their ideas.