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What Is Cross Mobility Platform? Discovering Its Uses for Business

The world of mobility is changing fast, with connectivity, autonomous vehicles, and electrification at the core of things. Changing consumer behavior and increased regulation of the transportation sector are adding fuel to a sector that is increasingly defined by connectivity, energy efficiency, and autonomous technology. 

Cross mobility platforms can restore sanity in our cities, especially in the transport sector. Behavioral and data analytics enhance the efficient movement of people and goods. Safety is also better, all this without the need for expensive investment in new infrastructure. 

At Net4Things, we are convinced that cross mobility is one of the keys to the success of upcoming transportation systems across the world. 

What are we talking about when we say a cross-mobility Platform?  

When it comes to the internet of things (IoT), there are hundreds of platforms in the market today. It makes sense to categorize these solutions, and a relevant way to do so is to look at these platforms as either vertically layered or horizontally layered. 

Vertically layered platforms seek to solve particular issues very specifically. If they are not focusing on one industry, they restrict themselves to similar issues across industries. In short, the customer often has a limited number of features or options. 

The horizontally layered platform is different in the sense that it is designed to handle issues across different industries. It isn’t prebuilt; instead, it aligns with the customer’s needs. 

Of course, each of these platforms has pros and cons. Most people would say each offers the best remedy at a given time and for a particular requirement. However, considering the disruptive nature of the mobility industry, Net4Things believes that cross mobility is going to help them deliver their promise to the clients. 

Net4Things offers a horizontal mobility platform that can include scooters, motorcycles, connected car, among other mobility technologies. This businesses and other institutions can use a more integrated method for their mobility projects. Under this platform, it is possible to coordinate mobile assets and people for insights into the usage of different components within each ecosystem. Scooters, cars, people, pets, wearables and stations are some of the components embedded in the platform. 

Uses for Businesses

Customer relationship management

We all know the importance of customer experience as competition stiffens across many industries. For a consistent engagement that optimizes the power of customer data, using a mobility platform that offers a 360° view is the answer. The flexibility of this model makes it ideal for providing the reliable insight needed for effective CRM.  

Workflow management- detecting driving accidents for scooters, bikes, etc.

The implementation of the Net4Things cross mobility platform for fleet management can add value to your workflow management. The platform ensures business continuity while detecting traffic incidents and accidents. Fleet managers can handle fleets of any size from a single dashboard, integrating mobility data within business decisions. 

Time tracking systems (monitoring)

Are you tracking company activities using an Excel spreadsheet or a whiteboard? We can assure you will eventually have issues with bottlenecks and bad data that will hamper your sales processes. Full visibility backed by a powerful mobility platform is what businesses need. 

When you are on a cross-mobility platform, real-time tracking of people and company property becomes a reality. Using a central system, your business can receive timely updates that allow for prompt responses. 

Lead generation (new revenue incomes) and lead and opportunity management

Clients who have used the cross mobility platform for their lead generation strategies have positive stories to tell. Sales representatives across different industries have generated leads faster and converted them in record time. Lead generation through the platform creates reduced spam and more valuable leads because repeat visits and other online actions are taken into account. 

Many businesses will find the platform even more relevant if they are planning to expand. The insights generated through data-based analysis can enable companies to launch new setups faster and save all records on a scalable system. Exploring new income-generating opportunities and managing them has never been easier. 

Sales management (selling products at the right time)

For most firms, the sales department requires a cross mobility platform the most. It can be helpful to use this product on a team that is regularly on the go to either attend events on the latest occurrences in the industry or meet clients face-to-face. 

Sales management requires a wide range of mobility options because flexibility is the hallmark of success in this area. The cross-mobility platform is designed to offer customization so that sales can be executed uniquely for every client. This gives the business the capability to sell products and services as and when they are needed. 

Net4things, the Right Mobility Partner 

It is now time to reevaluate the mobility setup and come up with new business models, offers, and services. At Net4things, we offer a sustainable cross mobility model for municipalities, cities, and companies. Our combination of experience, know-how, and knowledge in cross mobility makes us the perfect partner for any business looking to leverage the power of data. Together, we can face the mobility of the future with confidence.

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