Unlocking the value of mobility data


CIRCLE, all your mobility services from a single application

Nowadays, users have an application for each type of mobility service they use: one application for their car, another application for their motorcycle, the shared scooter they use to go to work, the bicycle, the tracker for the suitcase… and so on up to ten or more applications. The time they spend going into one application after another to manage all their devices is enormous. In addition, users are frustrated at not having a single application from which they can see all their journeys and the carbon footprint they’re generating . And since time is money, we have launched CIRCLE, for users to manage all mobility services from one only place and instantly.

Save time managing your mobility services

Goodbye to wasting time going into each app to check on your car, your dad, or your suitcase or backpack at work or the gym. Circle is the all-in-one app that we have developed at Net4things so that insurance, telecommunications, financial, energy, infrastructure, car sharing, renting or leisure companies can offer their users all of their mobility assets from one single app.

We invite you to watch this video so that you can learn about the new features of Circle.

As you have seen, Circle is the only app on the market that combines any mobility asset: cars, motorcycles, people, pets, suitcases… In addition, it connects with all the data services that we had already developed, such as Booking, Payments, Consent Management and Data Marketing.

Users can see the location and status of their vehicles at any time and see in detail the routes traveled at a glance.

Circle also enables companies to transform mobility data into marketing campaigns in real time for the end-user, offering them attractive personalized discounts that will save them time and money when paying a toll, promotions at the cafe across the street while recharging their electric vehicle or a special offer for ski pass rental when they pass by the ski resort.

Users will also have all the relevant information and necessary documentation in digital format to access it when they need it. In addition, they have control over their data which they can verify, modify and revoke at any time.

Circle is fully customizable with the corporate colors of your brand and the functionalities you wish to offer your users. CIRCLE relies on the Net4things mobility platform, which is the one that connects, controls and collects all the data from the assets, analyzing it to monetize it in the best possible way, improving our clients’ products and services or enabling them to create new ones to open up new business opportunities.

If you want more information, you can email us at info@net4things.com and we will be happy to show you CIRCLE.