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Cooperative mobility opportunity connected car

Cooperative mobility: the opportunity of the connected car

In May the study ‘Cooperative mobility: the opportunity of the connected car’ has been published by Mobility Institute in collaboration with Eclipse Partners. The study presents the challenges faced by the connected car on the path to autonomous, connected, and cooperative driving. In addition, it points at the new technologies that coexist to offer a safer and more comfortable driving to users. It also outlines the strong and daily cooperation that must be built between the public administration, institutions, companies, organizations and users to live in a more sustainable environment.

It is a pleasure for us to have collaborated with Fran Rodríguez, CRO of Net4things, together with Dirección General de Tráfico Abertis Mobility Services and Atlantis.

Interviewing to Fran Rodríguez

Fran Rodríguez answered this question in the interview for this study:

What do you think are the most important challenges for the connected car to become a reality?

The connected car is already a reality. And now, the main challenge is to decide who is going to connect it, how they are going to connect it and when it is going to be achieved. Moreover, given that the average age of the car fleet in Spain is 13 years old, it is estimated that by 2035, the connected car will be almost fully implemented.

In this sense, two major challenges would be:

(1) how the OEM (the one who connects the car) can achieve a shared agenda with municipalities and Public Administrations in each country, as otherwise, it will be difficult to have access to the information generated by the vehicles.

(2) reflect on whether we must wait until 2040 to have capacities that, at this moment in time we already need and that, technologically are already solved.

Please click here to access the study ‘Cooperative mobility: the opportunity of the connected car’

Working hand in hand, today we are closer to achieve a more cooperative and connected mobility to drive safer and more sustainably and efficiently in our cities and towns!