Unlocking the value of mobility data

Antolin and Net4things work to develop connected cars

  • The Spanish company is looking to explore the potential of new solutions and business opportunities within connectivity.

Grupo Antolin and Net4things have signed a strategic agreement to develop connected vehicles with state-of-the-art solutions, both companies announced yesterday.

As part of its strategy to lead innovation in mobility from inside the vehicle, Grupo Antolin wants to explore the potential of new solutions and business opportunities for connectivity and driver services based on data analysis, thanks to the Cross-Mobility Platform developed by Net4things.

“Connectivity is one of the elements that will radically transform the interior of cars by allowing occupants to connect with and exchange data with the vehicle, its surroundings, and other cars”, highlighted the new partners. Increased connectivity, the emergence of new monitoring technologies inside the vehicle, the use of data to offer a better travel experience, and the need for society to be increasingly connected are some of the factors that have sparked the interest of both companies to combine their technology and knowledge to create innovative solutions for the connected car.

A recent study by Market Data Forecast reveals that the European connected car market alone expects to reach 28.69 billion euros by 2025, representing a compound annual growth rate of 7%, from 2020 to 2025.

The Spanish automobile fleet will have more than nine million connected passenger cars in 2025, which will account for around 35% of the total, according to data from the National Association of Motor Vehicle, Repair, and Spare Parts Sellers (Ganvam).

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