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Join the #Net4thingsfamily in the Companies Race on Sunday!

The Companies Race takes place this Sunday, on 19th December in the capital of Spain, Madrid. A competition where employees from different organizations and companies run together with their colleagues to see who run faster or get to the finish line first!

And this year, we invite to all our employees to participate in this event in our commitment to be health and do sports together! 8 of the Net4things’ employees are running this Sunday. We have teamed up three mixed groups to run 10 or 6.5 kilometres called X-Runners, Mobility.Run() and Mobility Pacers.

During this period, the Net4things runners have been training a lot to do it the best!

We would like to see you there if you are running this race. Let’s meet up there, contact us and say hello to the Net4things runners!

Cheers X-Runners, Mobility.Run() and Mobility Pacers!

Thanks to Aitor Ballesteros Garcia Carlos Moya Ruiz Erika Baqueiro Eduardo Quesada Moldon María José Madrid Montes Pedro García Sánchez and Lourdes Martínez Herráez to participate in this race representing to #Net4thingsFamily. They crossed the finish line with great marks!