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LeasePlan and Movistar join forces to promote connectivity in mobility

  • The leading multinational in Car-as-a-Service promotes a campaign for corporates, SMEs and individual consumers, in which it incorporates the Movistar Car device in its vehicles for new leasing contracts.
  • The device features innovative technology to enhance the driver experience and LeasePlan services.
  • Drivers will have a more comfortable and safer trip.

Madrid, 30 November 2021.- The LeasePlan company, leader in Car-as-a-Service, has reached an agreement with Movistar to develop connectivity and safety by incorporating the Movistar Car device in its vehicles for new leasing contracts.

This agreement is framed in the context of promoting the digital transformation in which Spain is committed towards 2025 and represents a further step towards the future of mobility.

For LeasePlan, the agreement with Movistar represents an advance in national policies on digital vehicle autonomy, since the new device allows the driver to check that everything is in order before and during the journey he undertakes. All this is possible through a mobile application and the installation of an OBD (On Board Diagnostic) adapter.

In addition, this new device has many other advantages that will allow the user to drive more comfortable and safer. Among them, from only 3GB/month free navigation from the car without consumption of mobile rate, GPS location of the vehicle, customizable alerts, direct consultation of the routes made, direct channel with emergencies and, other functionalities related to the state of the vehicle and driving style.

In the words of the commercial director of LeasePlan, Francisco Ruiz, \”this campaign is focused on providing our corporate and SME clients and individual consumers, the latest in connectivity for the vehicles they lease, with the aim of guaranteeing safer and more reliable trips\”.

As Borja de Nicolás, Director of Residential Marketing and New Business at Telefónica Spain, has highlighted: “the agreement between Telefónica and LeasePlan allows us to continue advancing in the democratization of the connected car, offering Movistar Car to customers who purchase a lease vehicle so that they benefit from greater safety both when driving and from the vehicle itself\”.

For more information, you can go to the website of www.leaseplango.es.