Unlocking the value of mobility data

Net4things and GosuncnWelink sign a global strategic cooperation agreement to boost the connected mobility

  • GosuncnWelink’s huge offering of IoT devices will allow it to offer mobility services supported by the Net4things’ Cross Mobility Platform with an eye toward 5G and the new use cases that are being presented.
  • With this agreement, both companies expect to have a significant growth in customers through a joint strategic cooperation with the aim of promoting the implementation of the Cross-Mobility Platform and incorporating the devices to the connected mobility projects.  

Madrid, 18 November 2021. Net4things, a leading mobility services company, has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with GosuncnWelink Technology Co., Ltd. a leading global provider of Internet of Things products, committing to participate in connected mobility projects together by providing 5G devices and solutions to its global customers.

GosuncnWelink offers in-vehicle devices and terminal products for secure and reliable connection over the 4G and 5G communications network. Some of them are self-installable so anyone can install them directly in the OBD-II port of their vehicle and 5G allows a greater amount of information to be extracted at the same time as having a greater number of devices connected to the network without saturating it. Once the device is connected, it sends real-time information from the connected vehicle directly to the Net4things Cross-Mobility Platform. 

The Net4things´ Cross-Mobility Platform enables unified control and management of all devices, processes the information received, normalizes it, and analyzes it to offer value-added services in a clear and simple way.

Additional services are enabled such as marketing campaigns that allow you to hyper-segment users and personalize your messages with attractive and specific advertisements that address their needs in real time. In addition, the customer can be managed in app or through web services.

This agreement is part of the Spanish technology company’s commitment to create a participatory, cooperative, and innovative ecosystem of partners to facilitate access to mobility services in all markets to meet the increasingly demanding and changing demands of users. Hence the need for flexible companies, which are experienced in global environments and with a focus on end-user services.

Mr. Wu Qinmin, the president of Gosuncnwelink said:” We are proud to collaborate with our partner Net4things to promote connected mobility and demonstrate the power of connectivity. Gosuncnwelink will continue to strengthen the cooperation with Net4things and to expand the Internet of vehicles business in the global mobility sector to empower both clients and citizens to make their lives more secure and sustainable.