Unlocking the value of mobility data


Net4things teams up with Sernauto

This week we have joined the great Sernauto family, Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers. An organization that represents the interests of the Spanish automotive equipment and component industry with whom we have been working with in recent years such as Grupo Antolín.

Net4things teams up with Sernauto

At Net4things, we want to offer OEMs, mobility and automotive companies, public bodies, consultants, associations, technology centers, among others, mobility solutions and services, as well as provide connectivity to any type of vehicle, improving the safety and comfort of the users.

By processing data from sensors, dongles, scooters, bicycles, mobile phones, cars, motorcycles, that is, any moving asset, we obtain relevant information. Information about the behavior of drivers, their preferences and the state of the vehicle or the asset. This data is centralized from a single robust platform. It allows you to control and manage all these assets in real time and scale projects with agility. At the same time, users have all this information from their phone in an app.

In addition, we provide tools for these companies to monetize their mobility data with personalized products and services for their users.

We are very happy to be part of Sernauto since believe that this association will help us to strengthen relations with companies in the automotive sector, public administrations at national and European level, related institutions and society to improve competitiveness, the quality of product and services, innovations and mobility projects.

Discount for Sernauto partners

We offer a discount for all Sernauto partners interested in incorporating our technology into different projects in line with our commitment to having a more connected and safe mobility ecosystem.

You can have a look the Sernauto’s catalog where we offer our products, solutions and services for connected vehicles and see our contact details to send us an email or make a call to get more information.